• Best Productivity Apps for Programmers



    Productivity apps allow programmers to stay focused on the tasks they need to complete while keeping quality and time management in mind without having to face any additional distractions.


    Being productive as a programmer involves executing code and testing with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This is why automation and productivity apps could help manage the work that has to be done when it comes to the development of software and programs.

  • What are the Best Productivity Apps that programmers can use?

    1. SearchCode -


    SearchCode is an application which allows you to search for over 75 billion lines of code that can be made available from more than 40 million projects and there is a search bar present where you can enter special characters. Once you are done, all you need to do is hit enter.


    The Advantages of SearchCode -


    • It is a very simple code search and it is free for everyone to use.

    • Libraries, functions as well as APIs which have been written in many different programming languages can be found publically.

    • You can filter by the repository or the source language as necessary.

    The Disadvantages of SearchCode -

    • It only supports Windows Operating System currently
    2. SourceGraph -
    Code can be searched from more than a million one source repositories. Case sensitivity as well as structure search can be disabled or enabled from the search field given. Sourcegraph works well and seamlessly when it comes to the code tools and infrastructure available as it supports many repositories and programming languages.
    The Advantages of SourceGraph -
    • There is accelerated software iteration which is seen and the code quality is significantly improved.

    • Large scale code changes can be automated across many repositories.

    • There is much more effective remote coding collaboration available.

    • Incident response time is quicker and the bug fixes are done at a faster rate

    The Disadvantages of SourceGraph -
    • The code intelligence feature could be improved if there were more languages that were supported.

    • The Chrome browser extension is the only way to use SourceGraph

    3. AutoHotkey
    AutoKey is an open source tool which is built for Windows. It is a free automation scripting language that allows you to create scripts for tasks such as auto clicking, macros and more. It becomes very simple to create hotkeys with code and it also has built in commands to assist beginners. The flexible and simple syntax that it has helps you concentrate on the tasks that have to be done.
    Mouse clickers are good examples of it.
    The Advantages of AutoHotkey -
    • It is free for everybody to use at no additional cost required.

    • It is very powerful and works well for programmers.

    • It is small in size and time saving macros for keyboard and mouse can be written with it.

    The Disadvantages of AutoHotkey -
    • To use this app, scripting is required to be done.

    • The command language which is used is quite complex and not as easy to understand.

    3. Tuple
    This tool has been designed for advanced pair programming and it has a screen sharing user interface that is available. Remote machines can also be controlled on a low - latency connection while enjoying great audio, 5k quality video stream and a great user interface.
    The Advantages of Tuple -
    • It is a fast, lightweight, purpose-built tool for developers.

    • The CPU usage of Tuple is quite efficient as well and it is very low, so space is available to spin up another docker container.

    • The audio and video quality which is provided is very crisp and clean.

    • Control over the mouse and keyboard is given to both parties.

    • There are no persistent UI elements and it is present in your menu bar.

    • You simply need to click once to start pairing.

    The Disadvantages of Tuple -
    • When it works over a VPN, there has been lagging which slightly degrades the service.

    • Screen share can only be done for two people at the moment.

    • The mute feature is difficult to use as the host has no control overlay which is present.

    • The driver and the viewer need to both have the account as well as the software.

    5. DroidEdit -
    DroidEdit is a code editor app which has many features that code editors normally have and there is a free version that is available. It lets you write and edit code on your mobile device. Your phone does not need to be loaded up with proprietary code as documents can easily be edited from the cloud.
    The Advantages of DroidEdit -
    • It has an extended keyboard and this sets it apart from many other code editors.

    • Bracket matching and character encoding have been offered as some of the well performing functions of the app.

    • It works with Dropbox, FTP servers, Drive and GitHub so documents can directly be edited from the cloud.

    • It allows syntax highlighting for over 200 languages which include Java, HTML, C++ and more.

    The Disadvantages of DroidEdit -
    • Slow response time has been reported by certain users.

    • Writing and editing on a small device will be difficult as there is weak hardware.